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Our terms and conditions (T&C) are compliant to European Union (EU) Law and are dedicated to ensuring our customers have a hassle-free and satisfying shopping experience with https://wedding-fabrics.com.


a) Shop - online shop available at https://wedding-fabrics.com .

b) Seller - Bianco Evento GmbH, VAT-UE: DE301593786, HRB: 170089. The Controller may be contacted by post: Ullsteinstr. 73, 12109 Berlin, by e-mail: contact@wedding-fabrics.com and by phone: 00 49 30 330 060 59 10; further mentioned as Bianco Evento.

c) Sale - direct sale at the registered office of the Seller.

d) Customer - an entrepreneur, that is a natural person, a legal person or an organizational unit which conducts business or professional activity in its own name. (Art. 14(1) of BGB (Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch or German Civil Code));

e) Data - the Customer’s data, including personal data, processed to the extent necessary to properly provide services via the Shop;

f) Terms and Conditions (T&C) - this document;

g) GDPR – The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2016/679 is a regulation in EU Law on data protection and privacy for all individuals within the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA). GDPR gives control to individuals over their personal data and a simple regulatory environment for international business.

Please note that these T&C are applicable to sales made via the website only. Our online shop is open only to B2B Customers.


All prices are in EUR (€) and are exclusive of VAT as well as of packaging and delivery charges. Any exception to this will be mentioned on the website. Prices can change at any point of time. However, for your convenience we will not change the price after confirming your order.


You can choose to pay by any major credit cards or via PayPal, invoice or prepayment (pro-forma Invoice).

Product Availability:

In case an item listed on our website that you want to order is not available in stock, we will provide you on request with an estimated time of availability and thereafter, delivery. Please note that this is an estimate only which may be subject to change without notice depending on various contributing factors. Bianco Evento is in no way contractually obligated to supply goods within a certain date. However, if the availability or delivery is unduly delayed, we will do our best to keep you informed.

Product Images and Descriptions

Our best efforts are employed to ensure that the colours and descriptions of items mentioned on our website are faithfully reproduced in the actual products. Please note that some variations may occur in the colours of the images, mostly due to the difference in technologies used to create and to access the images.

Registration and Shopping

To shop on our online store, you will need to submit the registration form on our website for approval. The form will request you to provide essential data like: name, surname, company name, company address, VAT number, phone, website, e-mail and will be asked to send by fax or e-mail a certificate confirming that the shopper is a registered entrepreneur. Upon receipt of such details, Bianco Evento will register you on our online shop https://www.wedding-fabrics.com/ . Following this you can create your account and place your order.

The right to accept or reject an order, with or without a reason, as feels necessary or acceptable to us, rests solely with Bianco Evento.

If we accept your order, you will get a confirmation email from us which will contain your order number. At this point, we will enter into a legal contract with you. In case, you notice any discrepancy in the order confirmation email, you can let us know to check/revise the details/errors (if any).

However, if for some reason we need to refuse your order, we will notify you via email at the earliest possible opportunity.

The decision to accept or refuse your order may depend on the information you have furnished us with or we already have about you. This will enable us to protect us as well as you from fraudulent transactions. If it is on security grounds that we are refusing your order, we may contact you to request considering alternative modes of payment or may request you to get in touch with our customer support team.


Unless otherwise agreed, the delivery is made on request from our warehouse to the address given by the Customer. We ship to almost every country but only at the Customer’s cost. If the costs are not listed in the Checkout, ask your Account Manager for shipping costs to your destination. The risk is transferred to the Customer when goods are handed over to the carrier or another third party which is supposed to deliver them. Shipping begins simultaneously with loading. The lack of acceptance on the Customer’s part means that the risk is transferred.

If the payment is to be made in advance, delivery dates depend on due payment. If there is a delay in payment, the delivery date will be changed accordingly. It needs to be noted that our bank account is credited with payments after 5 business days.

If the products are on stock in the warehouse, then orders will be shipped out within 10 business days of receiving the order. For products which are not on stock in the warehouse, the delivery time can take up to 4 weeks, from once the order is received. After shipping out, the standard delivery time in the EU is from 2 to 5 business days. Ask your Account Manager about valued delivery time to destinations outside of EU.

By business days we understand the days from Monday up to and including Friday, excluding public holidays.

Due to special circumstances (like the current pandemic) there may be a delay in delivery.

Bianco Evento GmbH depends also on the timely delivery of own supplies. If the delivery fails for reasons Bianco Evento is not responsible for, then it may withdraw from the contract. Bianco Evento GmbH is committed to inform any changes in the order status to the Customer in time. Any payments will be refunded immediately. In this case, the Customer shall not be entitled to compensation.

Delivery costs will be added to every type of order.

Return and Replacement:

If items purchased from Bianco Evento are defective, they may be returned by the Customer within 14 calendar days after the goods were received, stating the reason for doing so. This period begins to run at the earliest moment when the goods are received. In order to observe this time period, you need to notify your Bianco Evento Account Manager in due time. When the Bianco Evento Account Manager has been notified, the goods will be collected by a company chosen by Bianco Evento GmbH.

In case of returns, delivery costs (the cheapest postal delivery option of national post) will be credited on the Customer’s account within 10 business days as of the date on which the goods were received. Returned goods must have an appropriate stamp and must be sent to the address of the company given above. We would like to inform you in advance that if you want to return an item, you must use the return form that may be obtained from your Account Manager or other Customer Service Manager.

Payments made by the Customer for defective items will be refunded after receipt of the returned items, by bank transfer and to an account specified by the Customer. Bianco Evento GmbH will deduct any additional accrued costs from payments made by the Customer, should the delivery option chosen by the Customer cause inappropriate postage charges for a returned product.

The cost of unreported returns will not be incurred by Bianco Evento.

Bianco Evento expressly stipulates the right to compensation for damaged goods. The goods must be returned in their original packaging (with the hanger, stickers and the proof of delivery). If it is not possible, the Customer must provide packaging, which will protect the goods from damage. If goods are damaged due to insufficient packaging, the Customer is liable for it. The Customer does not have the right to report that goods are damaged if the damage results from normal wear and tear; Art. 351 and 353 of BGB (Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch or German Civil Code) shall not apply.

Obvious defects (in particular damage, inaccurate delivery or a wrong number of items) or other faults shall be reported to Bianco Evento forthwith and in writing, not later than 7 calendar days after the receipt of goods. A message by email to Bianco Evento Account Manager or to contact@wedding-fabrics.com is sufficient.

Complaint Procedure:

All comments related to the operation of our shop may be reported by Customers by sending a complaint to the address: office@wedding-fabrics.com. Customers may also send complaints related to non-performance or undue performance of services to the same address.

A complaint should include:

a) the Customer’s data which will allow us to identify the Customer;

b) the subject of the complaint;

c) circumstances which justify the complaint;

d) the Customer’s demands.

Complaints will be processed by the us within 30 business days after they are received, provided that the Customer formulates the complaint in a clear and transparent manner.

If a complaint is incomplete or unclear and it is impossible to process it within 30 business days, Bianco Evento will ask the Customer to correct the complaint within 10 business days. If the Customer does not comply with the request, the complaint will not be processed.


  • All sales on this website https://www.wedding-fabrics.com abide by German Law and you must present any dispute to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of German courts. All orders must abide by these T&C and no amendment/exception will be entertained.
  • These T&C, in no way, affect your legal rights.
  • These T&C are applicable only for this website and any other website that may be linked to this website may have their own Terms and Conditions. Bianco Evento GmbH is not responsible or liable for the content, practices or T&C of any website that is not under our control.
  • Bianco Evento is a trading name, with the address Ullsteinstraße 73, 12109 Berlin
  • Germany.
  • We do not guarantee compatibility of this website with all Customers’ devices.